Tuesday, 13 December 2011

So for the new year

So to plan for a herbal new year, what would I like to do, what herbs would I like to study and plant.  This is part of the apprenticeship I am taking part of with Sarah Head http://kitchenherbwife.blogspot.com
First of all I want to look at supportive herbs, those that give you strength when your running out of steam and land a helping hand to the adrenals.
Some of these include

  • Milky Oats
  • Nettles
  • Ashwagandha
  • lemonbalm
  • Motherwart
  • vervain 
  • skullcap
I would also like to spend more time with.
  • rose
  • elder
  • hawthorn
  • violets
  • southernwood
I have chosen most of these as I feel they would have or have helped during the last year.

I plan to take a good look at my garden and plan it properly, I have always just plopped a bed here or there and to be honest its looking a right old mess, especially after the amount of neglect it has suffered this year.  Also spacing plants has always been a big issue, so lot of thinning out needs to be done and plants being moved. This will include digging up and replacing a worn out cherry tree that I bought from a supermarket several years ago, It has completely failed to thrive and barely grown since I planted it, so I will be buying one from a nursery this time.
I will be taking before and after photos to keep myself motivated, which I am sure will end up here.
thats it for now....


  1. Carlie, if you're going to throw out your cherry tree, you might want to plant it somewhere in the wild so it can continue elsewhere. Otherwise, don't forget to harvest the bark! Remind me to give you some ashwaghanda cherries next time you're here.

  2. Thankyou sarah, I will do, Just hoping the weather drys a bit so I can get out there properly.