Monday, 12 December 2011

so what happened

What a year.
Left my husband in January, nearly died in september, 2 failed house moves and rather a lot in between, hence no posts. And almost locked out of this blog forever as couldn't remember my email address tut tut.....
My herbs and garden have taken a beating this year through lots of neglect, I would have loved to have been tending everyday, but with everything thats gone on and fighting depression tooth and nail, My passions were lost, but not forgotten. Finally I feel like I am back on my feet and am really excited to be back and raring to go..
I did plant several herbs in the spring including marshmallow, primroses and cowslip Ok I lie the cowslip are still in pots looking slightly sorry for themselves, but this will be righted this week as I have started to weed out and prepare the beds. I also have a couple of elder saplings ready to be planted.
I haven't made many herbal remedies this year either, in fact I only unpacked my herbs last week from when I was supposed to move in august, but it fell through just a week before moving day. However I did make chamomile and calendula salve in the summer, I always need it in stock for occasional nappy rash ( my youngest son)and eczema (my youngest daughter. I have also made a few rounds of rose tincture, the herb I give credit to for keeping me sane and giving me a supportive boost when I have needed it.
Just this weekend, I spent a lovely day in Solihull courtesy of Sarah Head making preparations great for coughs and colds. These included, fire cider vinegar - really warming and great for flu if you can handle the chili, Elderberry syrup - this tastes awesome and I have to admit is going down rather well being turned into a nice warm brew. Though I really ought to save some if anyone does come down ill. We also made elderberry and rosehip syrup, I have to say this smell very similar to vicks vapour rub, but tastes lovely, I am looking forward for when it is ready to decant.
Today I have been for a lovely, yet muddy walk looking for violets to make violet syrup, which is good for childrens coughs. I found violet leaves but no flowers, so will go back in a few weeks time to search again. However it really was lovely walk and the skies were nice and clear. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but there's always next time. Oakley my son came home tired and looking like a mud monster, he loved it. I am now taking all the children to see santa at the local garden centre and hoping I wont spend a small fortune on the beautiful christmas decorations they have there.

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